In Franklin County, North Carolina, an old family farm lies vacant and quiet at the end of a mile long road. Wide rolling fields are perched high above the south bank of the Tar River thirty-three miles northeast of Raleigh. This land has been in a single family for six generations, and was farmed by the first four generations beginning in the late 19th century. Fifteen years ago, the last of the farming generation passed away here - leaving the extended family with memories of the constant grounding-center the farm had been. A great-grandfather's cottage remains where a solid stone chimney stands as like a sentinel. Nearby, a grandfather's small wood framed white house sits at the edge of a broad sun-drenched pecan grove that cast the entire south side in shade. There are wide porches on the east and west. Remnants of old tobacco barns are scattered in the field to the North and beyond that is a dense forest between his house and the Tar River. It is a simple place where buildings and the land came together as one to nurture generations of a family.

Now, nearing retirement, a daughter and mother has wishes to return here to North Carolina after a long absence. This will be a new family home where a retired couple may live out the rest of their years, and make new memories with their own grand children. The one-room wide plan contains a single 18'x32' space for cooking, eating, and living surrounded by ten feet tall triple sash wood windows, and an open loft above for guests to sleep. Behind the kitchen is a hall leading to two small bedrooms and baths. On the opposite end of the house, an open-air "dogtrot" entry passage links the house to a screened porch that expresses and pays homage to the iconic structure of tobacco barns that the region is known for. Eastern, NC is a quiet rural landscape of thin metal roofs over white-washed rafters, clapboard siding, and wide porches with rockers and swings. The house simply desires to be of this place in the most profound way it can.

This is about making home here again where children can make lasting memories with their grandparents as the previous generations have done.

Design: 2011 - 2012