An existing unfinished walk-out “English basement” garage below a traditional two story suburban Richmond home was totally transformed into a home office studio, gallery, and family living space for a couple and their two children. The main living area on the first floor has little physical connection to the outdoors, so the family needed a living area that could be a transitional space during warmer months. The concrete block perimeter walls were insulated and finished, windows were replaced, and recessed lighting was installed throughout the space. The center bay of the former 3 bay garage was kept as a garage and the two end bays were renovated as conditioned space. A corridor running along the entire length of the house between the studio and living area also serves as a photography gallery and is lit with suspended adjustable cable lighting. A new guest bathroom, custom mahogany wet bar with a hand made copper sink, and a mud room were incorporated into the living space, and the former roll up garage door was replaced with a 9 foot wide set of glass doors and operable venting sidelights. In the warm months, the space can be opened up to an outdoor covered patio with a view of the woodland setting. The existing stairway leading up to the kitchen was previously totally enclosed with walls. The walls were carved away and reconfigured to open up diagonal sight lines through the whole space. What was a dark unused basement, is now a light filled and spacious place for the entire family.

Design and Construction: 2007-2011